Capsule Wardrobe 101

A capsule wardrobe seem to be the ultimate anti-trend that is always trending, but what does it even mean? To some, it consists of only wearing utilitarian pieces. To others, it means a strict number of items and shopping along a set of values. To us, it means adopting a certain sartorial mindset  - resisting the pull of cyclical trends and building wardrobe that is timeless, polished, and put together.

The ability to look put together with only a few components can bring a sense of harmony and peace to a hectic life. It can save you time and frustration and most importantly, turn your style into something that really represents you. A capsule wardrobe can lay a foundation, creating more space for those personality pieces you treasure to make a bigger impact. It's a simple concept, but we all know that simple doesn't mean it's easy. So, where do we begin?


A capsule wardrobe does absolutely no good if it doesn't suit your lifestyle. Take some time to think about your daily activities and the kinds of outfits you gravitate towards. Do you spend a good amount of time in athletic wear? Wear jeans and tees almost every day? Do you feel like you could be a little more dressed up at your professional workplace? Be honest with yourself. What kinds of pieces in your closet are serving you, what needs to be upgraded, and where are the gaps? Remove anything from your closet that isn't serving you, getting rid of anything that is an absolute no and storing away anything that's a maybe. 

Define your style:

Make a clear definition of what you want your capsule wardrobe to look like. A good place to start is usually to choose a certain color palette. This can serve as a guide when you're shopping so you end up with less of those outlier pieces that end up just sitting in your closet. Spend some time on Pinterest and see what you gravitate towards. Do you prefer darker pieces - navy, black, charcoal? Or lighter neutrals - cream, tan, beige? Is there a common theme to these outfits (straight leg denim, oversized fits)? Then, start brainstorming outfit ideas that fit into this style while keeping in mind your lifestyle needs. It can also be helpful to create two different lists (like one for work and one for casual everyday life).


Head back to your closet and start creating outfits out of the pieces you currently own. How do these compare to your inspiration images? What pieces could you buy to help round out your style? Maybe you're set on basics but could use a statement coat or a pair of boots to elevate your look. Or maybe you're set on professional wear, but don't have casual weekend outfits that also make you feel put together and polished. Make a list before beginning your search for those particular items your wardrobe needs.

Stay Intentional:

A good capsule wardrobe doesn't happen overnight. It requires a bit more strategy, but it can save you frustration, time, and money in the end. By creating a great base to your wardrobe and shopping with clear intention, you can build a closet that suits your style and always feels authentic. 

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