A Guide to Descendant Denim

We’ve recently began making space for foundation pieces that deserve a place in our wardrobe. Of those staples, feel-good jeans are at the top of the list. Today, we are highlighting a few different denim styles that have made their way into our rotation.
Denim is personal. Every pair is as unique as each one of us. Whether you prefer a modern silhouette or a lived-in vintage look, we’ve selected a variety of styles to help simplify the denim decision-making process.

Modern Denim

The Everyday Jean. Needless to say, you'll be wearing these Monday through Sunday. The combination of a lighter wash, minor distressing, and raw hem give this pair a vintage touch, with all of the benefits of a modern fit. It's rare for a single pair of blue jeans to look proportionate with a statement bootie, a casual sneaker, and a heeled sandal, but these do the trick. A style with a mid-rise waist and a subtle stretch are comfortable all day long. 

The Polished Straight Jean is the perfect refined / casual mix. The darker wash and clean cut look elevated and sophisticated. Not to mention, their complimentary high waist pairs perfectly with a blazer, a blouse, a t-shirt... you name it. Similarly to The Everyday Jean, this polished pair also has a slight stretch. For those who find themselves going from day-to-night, these were made for you.

Vintage Denim
It's important to note that modern sizing can be a little bit inconsistent in denim that dates back twenty-plus years, so finding the right fit may take some patience. While sourcing our vintage denim, we are mindful of inclusive sizing. If there's one thing we know for sure... once you've found a killer pair of vintage jeans, you've hit the jackpot.

There are so many different styles + washes of vintage jeans, so have fun with it. The styles we carry the most often at Descendant are mom jeans and straight leg jeans, both of which have an effortless feel, durable quality, and their own unique history.

A mom jean can look intimidating on the hanger, so we recommend just trying them on (you can pull off anything, trust us). This style usually has a higher waist, room in the hips, and a slightly tapered leg, making them a great fit for curvy figures.

A straight leg style also sits higher up on the waist, and, as their name suggests, has a straight fit throughout the hips and legs. Wear your true size if you like jeans that hug your body, and size up if you like an oversized, relaxed look.

This edit is just a glimpse into the endless denim options available out there. You deserve a pair that suits you perfectly. And let's be real... no matter what your fit preference is, don’t feel pressured to follow any rules. If they make you feel good, they're good jeans.

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