Descendant Spotlight: Cassie Courtney, Founder of High Sun Low Moon

A few things come to mind when we think of our favorite products. We prioritize clean ingredients, appreciate beautiful packaging, and are drawn to a mindful mission. High Sun Low Moon has a place on our shelves (and in our hearts) for this very reason. Their products check all of our boxes, and then some. We had the opportunity to chat with High Sun Low Moon founder Cassie Courtney, to learn more about her creations, her daily rituals, and how she lives everyday slow.

What was your purpose behind creating High Sun Low Moon? 
I wanted to share my most loved formulations that I developed throughout my pregnancy with the plants that spoke to me most. Something about growing life in my body really brought all the inspiration and actualization for the creation of High Sun Low Moon.

It all happened very organically. I’d make something to share with friends and then slowly tweak the recipes until they just became whole. 

As I dove deeper into the plant energies I loved how they connected with the sun and moon energies in earth form. The duality of sun/moon, mother/father, yin/yang all really spoke to how I wanted to create products that complimented one another and worked energetically. 

What inspires your creations?
Developing a deeper sense of love for myself and caring for myself through love is what inspired my creations. 

This brought about the evolution of simple recipes, made by hand with ingredients I understood and trusted for the well being of all bodies.

And being deep in love with the Earth’s offerings and sharing that beauty and healing through the language of the senses.

What’s inspiring you lately?
I’m inspired by kindness, and less separateness. The world has been feeling so polarized and out of alignment with the oneness of love. The little moments of generosity and showing up for one another has deeply moved me. 

Do you have any rituals? If so, what do they look like? 
Moving my body once a day - whether it be dancing, running or yoga. These last few years have been such a marathon of struggle for so many - a huge part of my self care is moving all the energy present for me. Movement and breath is crucial to my wellbeing. 

And of course… long baths, incense and calm music in the mornings, and my skincare regimen morning and night!


What does “everyday slow” mean to you?
My mornings often embody the “everyday slow”. After dropping my kiddo off from school, I’ll take the first few hours of the day to go for a run, drink my coffee, and settle into the day. Also every time I listen to a Ram Dass lecture I’m able to get out of my head and into my heart. 

Cover photo by Riley Reed of @wokebeauty
Find Cassie Courtney + High Sun Low Moon on Instagram at @highsunlowmoon 
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