Descendant Spotlight: Meet Alona

If you follow us on Insta, it’s likely you’ve seen Florida-based Alona Sporcich gracing our Stories. It’s about time you get to know her a little better.

Alona is the wife of a NASA firefighter, a mommy to two little boys, and a part-time patient care assistant for dermatology + plastic surgery. Additionally, she’s finishing up her BA in health science at UCF, and she’s the face behind Dayprism Design. Yeah, we’re impressed too. 

We caught up with Alona to learn a little bit more about her style must-haves, her day-to-day, and what’s inspiring her. 

How would you describe your style?
I would describe my style as texturized, modern, neutral, and sporty. 

What’s a must-have staple you think everyone needs in their wardrobe?
Good basic tee shirt. Once you find the perfect one, get multiples. Mine is the Le Bon Shoppe boy tee. It’s a good one to dress up or dress down and has a good oversized fit 👌🏽 And it’s sustainable! 

Most coveted item in your closet?
Shopdoen nightgown that I wear as a dress. It has just the right amount of ruffles to make me feel oh so girly.

What’s inspiring you lately?
I think after I’ve finally found my passion and style, it’s been really inspiring to share it. Also following creative, like minded creators keeps me inspired too!

Do you have any daily rituals? If so, what do they look like?
Starting my diffuser in the morning. Spearmint has been my go-to, awakes my senses. I also use an eye ice mask for my eyes at night to relax and de-stress.

We try to make time daily for the mindfully-present, slower moments by purposefully structuring our days to allow for a sense of calmness. What does “everyday slow” mean to you?
Everyday slow to me means remembering that I don’t have to do it all. Taking my time. Slowing down. It allows me to capture everyday moments which to me is what truly matters. 

Find Alona on Instagram at @alona.mary.kara 

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