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Out of her home base in L.A., Susan Kim creates thoughtful, handmade pieces for everyday wear. We are thrilled to now be carrying her product and to have gotten the chance to ask her some questions about her work and vision. 

When and how did you begin Corinne Collection? 

I launched Corinne Collection in the fall of 2015 and it was something I always wanted to do but I did not really understand the production side of the business so I bought an existing factory in East Los Angeles, California in 2009. This is where I learned how to use industrial sewing machines and learned everything there is to know about clothing production. I ended up closing the factory in 2013 and took a year break and launched what is now Corinne Collection.

Your mission is to design with individuality and versatility. What does individuality mean to you? What does versatility mean to you? 

I believe Corinne Collection is timeless—I have customers ranging from 20 something to 70 plus. This is where I coined the term “individuality”. All Corinne Collection pieces can be worn during the day and out at night and no one would know you’re basically wearing glorified pajamas. This is why I believe Corinne Collection is versatile.   

Why is it important for what we wear to exude both individuality and versatility? 

I think clothes shouldn’t wear you but you should wear the clothes. I don’t believe in wearing the next “fashionable” piece because it won’t have longevity. This why be true to yourself and wear what you want and pieces that make you happy.

Tell us about the design process. What inspires you?

Corinne Collection designs are very minimal so I focus a lot of attention on colors each season. Once I pick my colors, I keep certain classics in the collection and add new styles.

What sustainable practices have you adopted to ensure a small footprint? 

All my fabric is dyed and knit locally in Los Angeles and the thread I use is also dyed and spun locally too. Everything is cut and sewn in my studio too. My dad helps with the cutting and I sew every single piece (seriously!).  

What is the best part of what you do? 

When people take the time to email or meet me at craft shows to tell me how much they loved their Corinne piece(s). Also, partnering with retail partners who love the collection enough to have in their store. I’m just grateful I get to do what I love.

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