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Hope everyone had a lovely weekend! We’re getting excited for spring as we inch closer and closer to warmer days…

A few things inspiring us as the seasons shift ~

This non-alcoholic aperitif has become our wind down drink of choice. The perfect mocktail for when you want the relaxed, chill feeling that booze provides, but still want to feel like “you”, you know? We aren’t sure how, but Ghia manages to do it. All of the fun, none of the hangxiety.

    We’ve been following stylist Allison Bornstein for a few months now and we’re obsessed with her wardrobe tips and tricks. Minimal, cool, chic, effortless, etc. Especially loving this Instagram edit she did on how to spice up your look. Very Descendant.

    @self.practice shares weekly journal prompts that encourage us to make space for reflection. We find these especially helpful during transitions to help us take inventory of our lives, make changes where necessary, and commit to new practices.  


    Images via @drinkghia, Clinch Belts, @self.practice

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