How to: Loungewear

We’re all about versatility. Spending so much time indoors this past year made it clear that a) a nice pair of loungewear is a must-have, and b) it’s more than acceptable to wear said loungewear out of the house. Style with a few refined pieces, and you’ve got an effortless-cool look.

Full Fit
The fact that this is a set makes it totally wearable on its own. The matching shades of grey give it a fresh, clean look.

Casual Cool
This is our coffee run vibe. Adding a layer feels intentional — an army liner with sneakers has a cool, street style feel. A blazer would also work well here, if that's your thing.

Refined + Relaxed 
The perfect combination of refined and relaxed. A long, elevated coat is typically saved for a dressier look, but pairing it with a hoodie and sweats feels cozy chic, low-key, and wearable for everyday. 


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