Capsule Wardrobe: The Closet Clean Out

Many of us have closets full of impulse purchases and theoretical-scenario items that we just don't wear. Staring at these overflowing closets adds to daily stress, feelings of guilt, and can highlight our insecurities. Imagine getting dressed each morning and knowing that what you were about to put on was going to make you feel good about yourself?  

Creating an authentic wardrobe that supports your current lifestyle can reduce overwhelm and majorly boost your confidence. It takes a bit more work up front, but once you get in the hang of creating a seasonal capsule wardrobe, you'll see how much time, stress, and money you save by being just a bit more strategic with your closet.

Sound great? We know! But, before you start shopping, you need to get organized and assess what you already have.


The Assessment

Take everything out of your closet and create 3 piles: Yes, No, and Storage. Try sticking to this criteria:


  • I've worn this in the past 90 days
  • I will wear this in the next 90 days


  • This is worn out, stained, or can't be repaired
  • I'm holding onto this out of guilt because someone gave it to me
  • I have not been this size in over 2 years


  • Non-current seasonal items
  • Those pieces that don't exactly fit, but you think you will fit into them within the next year (be careful and realistic here!)
  • Special occasion (ex: wedding guest or party outfits, professional pieces that you know you'll wear when you go back to work)
  • Memory (Think about storing these items in a different type of way if you want to hang on to them. A special dress or item of clothing from a loved one can be stored more carefully in a memory box instead of with your regular wardrobe.)

Now, only put the YES pile back into your closet. Take a few notes on what you have. Mostly casual? Mostly jeans and tees? Athleisure? Workwear? How do you feel? Bored? Inspired? Overwhelmed? 

Now think about your lifestyle and your goals. How is this wardrobe supporting you? This is different for everyone, but consider a few things: the weather where you live, your daily activities, and how you want to feel.

What pieces could you upgrade or add to help you feel supported or even inspired by your wardrobe?

If you're overwhelmed and don't have key necessities to suit your lifestyle, maybe you need to work on finding more foundational pieces.

If you feel bored and uninspired, it could be helpful to add a signature style piece or trendier item to brighten things up. 

Building an authentic wardrobe is a lot of work, but taking time to get to know yourself better, thinking about your needs, and considering how your wardrobe can play a part in your life can be incredibly therapeutic and powerful. 

You ready? Let's go.



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