Meet Mahnal

Few add-ons can equally elevate an outfit and evoke emotion like a symbolic piece of jewelry. There is something spiritually empowering about wearing a piece that embraces a slower, contemplative lifestyle. As we focus on developing a conscious collection of special pieces and fine-tuning our curation, it can be easy to lose sight of this intention in a world full of ever-changing trends and conventional replication.

Cue Mahnal, a contemporary brass jewelry brand designed and fabricated by hand in St. Louis, Missouri. With the intention of creating a soulful bond between herself and the wearer, Shayba Muhammad borrows inspiration from the poetic beauty of Islam and the Arabic language while designing her collection, as well as natural elements, architecture, and textures.

The space and dedication Muhammad holds for her ethereal, organically imperfect designs can be felt simply through touch. Each piece exudes an energy; from every thoughtful name to their individual craftsmanship, there is a meaningful, made-for-you feeling about each element. 

The artistry of each Mahnal piece have proven time and time again to be more than just an accessory. We are grateful our “everyday slow” values have aligned significantly with those of Shayba Muhammad since our journeys collided, and we are proud to serve a space of sanctuary within our shelves. 

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