Descendant Spotlight: Meet Sara Faye

Sara Faye Ehlers is a Los Angeles-based influencer, consultant, and founder of the blog Love, Sara Faye. Her gorgeous minimalist Instagram and blog are chalked full of fashion inspiration and all things lifestyle, but her influence goes far beyond her aesthetic. From her online book club to her Influencer Talk series with POC creatives, Sara Faye creates a space for engaging conversations around women’s empowerment, using your platform for good, and more.

We caught up with Sara Faye to chat a little bit about her style must-haves, her day-to-day, and what’s currently inspiring her. 


What is inspiring you lately?

Honestly lately I'm finding so much inspiration from the books I'm reading. They have such strong female leads and inspire me daily to self-reflect.

Maybe it's the '90s baby in me but I've always been really inspired by Mary-Kate & Ashley circa their Row eras. I just love their minimalist aesthetic and they always pull off the chicest looks.

How would you describe your style?

I would describe my style as mostly minimal, elevated basics. I usually try to stick to a neutral color palette and mix between really polished and sporty outfits.

What’s a must-have staple you think everyone needs in their wardrobe?

A classic silk slip dress. I have one in cream and it's my go-to outfit for any nice occasion and looks effortlessly chic.

Do you have any daily rituals? If so, what do they look like?

Every morning I try to start my day with a coffee, organizing my calendar, a to-do list to settle into my day. And at night, I try to go through my affirmations and read a book before bed.

We try to make time daily for the mindfully-present, slower moments by purposefully structuring our days to allow for a sense of calmness. What does “everyday slow” mean to you?

I think going for daily walks has been really helpful for me to practice mindfulness. Whenever I walk my dog, I usually try to stay off my phone and take in my surroundings and all the sunlight. 

To keep up with Sara Faye, visit her blog, follow her on Instagram at @lovesarafaye, and join her online book club @badbabeswithbooks

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