Shop Girl Series : Meet Hanna


We always love knowing more about the faces behind social media and thought you might love hearing more about us, too! In this new series, we'll be sharing a bit more about the faces behind Descendant. 

First up, the always sweet and stylish Hanna. You might also know her from her food/wellness account @thesweetnectarine. Here's our interview with her!


Besides being a cutie Descendant shop girl, you are always making us hungry with your pretty & healthy food pics on ig. What ingredients are you loving right now?

Right now, I'm getting back into warmer comforting foods. I love a soup or stew packed with lots of veggies, tons of garlic and something heavier like lentils or potatoes. I still crave a smoothie year round even though I shiver while drinking them in the winter.

What's your favorite staple in your wardrobe? What could you not live without in your closet?

A good pair of vintage denim. They fit me better and I love the texture and feel of a worn-in pair of jeans. With good denim, you can take your outfit in so many different directions - a cool boot, oversized blazer, simple tank or layers in the cooler months.

Favorite podcast, book, or playlist currently?

For music, it depends on what I am doing and what kind of day I am having. Sometimes I like having blues or jazz on in the background. Most days, I like listening to artists such as Frank Ocean or Leon Bridges, those are a couple of my favorites. I don't think I have a favorite book, but I love reading memoirs of people's lives or flipping through a book that teaches me something new.

Your style is so laid back but cool. What's your style philosophy? Any tips or words of wisdom in finding your style?

I try my best to accumulate pieces that I can use in various ways. I may not wear an item often, but I will wear it for years. I also love mixing vintage or thrifted with a modern piece. It feels great to give an abandoned piece a second life. My biggest tip would be to really search for your basics. Make sure you truly love yourself in them.



What's on your travel bucket list?

I really enjoy getting outdoors and local food. I would love to travel to Maine, it looks like a beautiful place to explore outside and pick up some local produce/meats and cook a nourishing meal. I would also like to visit Israel again. Those are some of the most beautiful hikes and most delicious foods I have ever experienced. As soon as I hop off the plane I would be running to the local hummus spot in an alley of Tel Aviv and stuff my face with their hummus with ful. 


Thank you, Hanna! <3

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