Summer Self-Care

The weather is heating up and masks are coming off. We've got a few favorite products up our sleeve for those in need of a little extra summer self-care.

Triple Threat
Good things come in threes. These three NOTO products will keep your skin looking fresh and hydrated all summer long. Start with the exfoliating Resurface Scrub to cleanse, then rinse. Prime for that dew factor using the Deep Serum, then moisturize, and you're good to go. If you want a guide from the expert, revisit this how-to from Gloria Noto herself. 

Hair Care
Excess hairstyling, sun damage, and chlorine can really do a number on our hair health. This hair oil from High Sun Low Moon is intended for all hair types and creates a protective layer around the hair shaft, revitalizing the integrity of the hair and reducing breakage and sun damage.

Oil Up 
Similar to the hair oil, this face oil is enriching, revitalizing, hydrating and restorative. A deeply penetrative oil serum, use on hands, neck, and face in the morning or evening after cleansing.

Finishing Touch
Light, dewy, natural make-up is our go-to during the hot summer months. To top off your summer-ready glowing skin, highlight your features using the NOTO Multi-benne Stain and Hydra Highlighter.

Images from NOTO & High Sun Low Moon

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